Saturday, 21 June 2014

Help Us Make A Magazine

We're starting a new annual magazine!  Read below why we are doing it and how you can be featured in it or help us put it together. 

Why a magazine?

Cell Art Space has always been not-for-profit so to pay for the running of and maintenance of the space we have traditionally charged an exhibition fee to artists. We thought that we would try another way to raise these funds with a magazine.  The aim is to sell enough copies to provide the space for artists for free starting in 2015.

Not only will it benefit the exhibiting artists, it’s a great way to celebrate and bring together the Cairns Arts Community.  By featuring artists, galleries, art education venues plus artist supplies and related businesses, we thought it would make for a great read and give incentive for people to buy the magazine along with the feel-good-bonus of having their purchase allow Cell Art Space to continue to help artists show their work.

How can I be involved?

So that we can make an beautiful magazine, we are looking for volunteers to help us put it together. If you have a skill for writing, video making, portrait photography, InDesign / Bookify, graphic design or any other skill that you think would help - you could even submit your own article. We’ll be having an editorial meeting in July to put the team together and plan out the magazine.  Our aim is to launch it in early December.

What formats will we have and how much will they cost?

The software we are using will allow us to provide two digital formats - epub and pdf as well as a physical, print-on-demand version. We’ll be using Blurb for the print version and sell the digital versions on our website. It will be 88 pages and prices are expected to be $5 - $10 for digital & $20 printed. 

Who are we looking to feature?

We’ll be launching in conjunction with our All Stars exhibition in December and will run our major feature story on the artists involved (it's open to all past exhibiting artists and co-directors with new work - see our website for more details). We’ll also like to write articles on notable artists who have made Cairns their home (current or in the past). As well as anybody or thing connected with the Cairns Arts Community that will make an interesting story. The bonus is that it is totally free to be featured in the magazine! 

Business Partnerships / Advertising

To allow us to promote the magazine all year in creative ways, we’d like to work with local businesses, galleries, art schools and education venues in Cairns with free advertising in exchange for promotion of the magazine at their end for a one month period in 2015. The size of the advert or feature story we can provide will depend on the creativity (but not necessarily the cost) of your promotion - we’re open to your ideas or can help you come up with one. Ideally we’d like to have one or more promotion per month so that we can keep up interest all year long.

If you have a question, are interested in helping, being featured or becoming a business partner, please send an email to

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