Friday, 29 August 2014

Q5 with Kirstie Irwin

This month we have one of our Co-Directors Kirstie Irwin exhibiting her work at Cell.  Kirstie joined the team early last year and curated both our 2014 Energy Exhibition and this year's IWD exhibition.  Kirstie has answered 5 questions for our blog in it's regular Q5 Artists Series

Installation day, Aug 9th 2014
Describe the process of this exhibition.

I wanted to do something completely different and hadn’t been done before at Cell Art Space. So instead of having individual paintings spread cross the gallery, I decided to use the whole wall with one piece of canvas.

I wanted people to walk past the gallery as if they were walking in graffiti lanes in Melbourne and the back streets of Newtown, Sydney, with loads of colour, lots of excitement and things going on. 

Then one day I put a Zebra print rug up on the wall at work and it completely changed my concept. It gave me the idea of working with a black background, as I did while studying art at TAFE in 2007. And taking inspiration from Black Milk Clothing Galaxy collection, this was a perfect way for me to incorporate colour and my love for The Universe into this exhibition.

What is your favourite part about making art?

I love the process and the journey from start to finish; it starts with an idea/ concept. Then it shifts and changes all the time, so by the end it turns into something I never could have imagined, which I think is always a good thing. 

How long have you been practicing art?

I have creative my whole life and in 2005 I started studying for a Diploma of Visual Arts at TAFE. And I have been an artist ever since. 

What influences you in your art?

I am very influenced by colour, street art, Japanese Manga/ Anime, music and dance. I also draw on my life experiences such as: motherhood, spiritual enlightenment and personal recovery as well.

Who inspires you as an artist?

First and foremost my little family, they are my biggest fans and inspiration not only to be a better artist but a better human being. I am also inspired by street artists everywhere- making their own mark in the world. As well as Osamu Tezuka- creator of Astro Boy, Banksy, Roy Lichtenstein- I saw his exhibition at NGA this year and Andy Goldsworthy. Plus others such as Bill Wilson and Dr Bob, the 14th Dalia Lama and Beto Perez.

Kirstie's exhibition runs from August 9th - September 5th, don't miss it!  You can also meet Kirstie on her Open Door Event on Saturday August 30th and see more of her art on her Facebook Page

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