Sunday, 1 June 2014

Q5 with Shannon Brett

This month we have one of two planned exhibitions to coincide with CIAF.  Artist and arts educator Shannon Brett has our first installation piece for the year with an artwork inspired by her poetry.

After the break we ask Shannon our Q5 questions for our regular artist interview series on our blog, read about her art along with who and what inspires her work.

Q1 Tell us about yourself.

I am a visual artist and teacher currently based in Cairns with an interest in Aboriginality, identity, place, country, history, resilience and other.

Q2 Please describe the art you have in the exhibition.

The installation ‘Depth of Field’ is a play on words. I have been writing a lot lately and wanted to produce a small installation at Cell that would translate the meaning within my poem (below).

Depth of Field

Deep outside fields
Some of the trees they did yield
Yes our lands they did fall
Mowed them down roots and all
Now the new they stand on guard
Upon within their own bloodied backyard

Q3 What inspired you when creating it?

Colour and colour. I like to use symbols, signs, metaphor and symbolism – so I guess I have a slight obsession with semiotics to interpret my beliefs.

Q4 What is your favourite part of making art?

The journey. I find that I have a strong vision for the actual artwork (which usually pans out to my liking) but it’s all of the adventure, discussions, ideas and realisations along the way of which I really enjoy.

Q5 Who are your favourite artists?

Some of my favourites are Lorna Simpson, Fiona Foley, Jennifer Herd, Tracey Moffatt, Kara Walker, Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman, Chema Madoz, Ai Weiwei and Gilad Ratman.

Shannon's installation is on display at 109 Lake Street, Cairns from the 1st - 27th June and can be seen 24/7.   Parking can again be found Lake Street and the renovations are almost finished at the north end of the mall, come visit any time.

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