Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Q5 (Energy 2013 Edition): Olivia Azzopardi

This month we have 11 award winning and very talented senior art students from around the greater Cairns area showing their amazing art in our annual Energy Exhibition which is sponsored by Ergon Energy.  We've sent out the Q5 Questions to all the students and our second student is Olivia Azzopardi who created the piece "Medusozoa".

Q1: Tell us about yourself
My name is Olivia Azzopardi, I'm 16 year old. I am presently in year 12 at St Andrews Catholic College, Redlynch. I like drawing and gaming in my space time. I'm looking to either do a degree in Fine Art at Southbank Brisbane, or complete a tattooing apprenticeship after a gap year.

Q2: Please describe the art you have in the exhibition.
Two diptych fine line pieces depicting movement of jellyfish. Also a set of 14 cuttlefish on fish hook stands worked with fine artline pen and varnished.

Q3: What inspired you when creating it?
My inspiration came from the natural wildlife in our local environment and my love of marine creatures.

Q4: What is your favourite part of making art?
I get a great sense of relaxation and contentment from drawing, as its a great outlet. 

Q5: Who are your favourite artists?
Carne Griffiths – he specialises in watercolour, ink and tea.
Agnes-Cecile – French artist – who also specialises in watercolour and ink.

We're very proud to be hosting the Energy 2013 Exhibition.  It's on right now and runs until November 2nd, make sure you don't miss it! 

Installation by Cell co-directors Kirstie Irwin, Natalie Whitcher and Sandra Leonello.  Images by Sandy Edgar.

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