Monday, 21 October 2013

Q5 (Energy 2013 Edition): Lily Wilson

This month we have 11 award winning and very talented senior art students from around the greater Cairns area showing their amazing art in our annual Energy Exhibition which is sponsored by Ergon Energy.  We've sent out the Q5 Questions to all the students and our third student is Lily Wilson who created the piece "Colonialism".

Q1: Tell us about yourself
My name is Lily Wilson and I am 17 years old, shortly to be graduating from St Andrews Catholic College, Redlynch. In the course of my schooling I have attended six different schools, at each of which my tendencies to abandon schoolwork to draw in the back of my book continuously infuriated my teachers. I grew up in a small rural town with none of the attractions of a big city, however, I was always kept company by my art making.
Next year I endeavour to travel and seek continuing inspiration for my artistic practice.
Q2: Please describe the art you have in the exhibition.
The art I have in the Cell Art Space exhibition is a series of work consisting of one A0 sized plan print of the contour lines of an old family friend, Florence Doboy. There is also two A4 acrylic portraits of Doreen Doughboy and Florence, two A3 sized screen prints, two modified colonial images and a collection of decorated Burnie beans.

Q3: What inspired you when creating it?
Growing up in Wujal Wujal, a predominately Aboriginal town, I have a very close connection with a number of Aboriginal people. Now living in Cairns, I became aware of the mass produced aboriginal cultural items sold extensively throughout the city. I was inspired by the love I have for the aboriginal people to point out the injustices of this trade in my art work.
Q4: What is your favourite part of making art?
I particularly enjoy working with ceramics, acrylic and pencil, however, despite the medium, My favourite part of making art is simply the process in itself. For me, making art is not a chore nor is it a particular joy, it is a feeling of contentment and belonging exactly where I ought to be.
Q5: Who are your favourite artists?
No one in particular, I love all art.
We're very proud to be hosting the Energy 2013 Exhibition.  It's on right now and runs until November 2nd, make sure you don't miss it!

Installation by Cell co-directors Kirstie Irwin, Natalie Whitcher and Sandra Leonello.  Images by Sandy Edgar.

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