Monday, 16 September 2013

Q5 with Serena Kuring

This month we are delighted to have emerging artist Sererna Kuring showcase her beautiful printmaking work in her first solo exhibition.  To you a greater insight into Serena and her work we asked her 5 questions about herself, her art and her inspirations.
Tell us about yourself:
I am a 2nd year student studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries at James Cook University, Cairns. Originally Melbourne inner city born and bred, I now call Port Douglas home.

Please describe the art you have in your exhibition.
The works comprise of a series of lino prints printed at Djumbunji Press in Cairns, including an inkless print and a series of one off ink prints, a technique I recently developed through experimentation. 'Can You Hear It' translates the aural to the pictorial, creating a visual score of the local landscapes I engage with. I explore texture to demonstrate the repetitious patterns and shapes practiced in nature, and navigate the relationship between the visual, resonating toward a musical form, and the audible, manifesting in to visual form.

What inspired you when creating it?
The feeling that resonates within me when I see, feel, smell and hear the place in which I am engaged. These are depictions of landscapes I have experienced and the sheer joy and beauty of these places that struck my core.

What is your favorite part of making art?
When my feelings and emotion take form visually. They emerge from within, sometimes without my control and when they form their own language I begin a relationship with them. I am totally satisfied when these experiences can be realised through visual art.

Who are your favorite artists?
I am heavily music based when it comes to 'artists', however I would say that the theories underpinning Kandinsky's later work (with regard to depicting sound visually) align with my processes. Lately I have the hots for Marc Quinn's almost limitless exploration of the relationship between art and science and Channa Horwitz's stunning mathematical musical drawings. But the artists that hits me bang in my soul and moves me like nothing else would be Berlinde De Bruyckere and her work speaks to me so powerfully, I am yet to find a clear way to articulate my response.
Serena's exhibition, "Can you hear it?" is open now and can be seen at Cell Art Space at 109 Lake Street, Cairns until October 5th, 2013.

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