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Q5 Kuranda Edition

Q5 Kuranda Edition

In partnership with the Pop Up Collective, we put a call out recently for artists who live or work in Kuranda to join in on a showcase exhibition.  We've been lucky enough to be able to bring to you a really wonderful and diverse collection of art from 6 artists.  In this post we meet two of the artists who participated Amber Moon and Lieselotte Edwards

Lieselotte Edwards

Q1- Tell us about yourself.
I am an award - winning visual artist who is continually inspired by the colours, shapes and movement found in the environment. I enjoy experimenting and exploring a spontaneity to include found objects to my creations. I am equally adept on encaustic mixed media and digital photography.  I was born in Germany and my works are held in Australia and many private collections around the world. I became an Australian citizen many years ago and now live in the beautiful rainforest village Kuranda in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Q2 - Where do you find your inspiration?
Walking on my land and at the beach, nature is full of wonder. Light, shadow and imagination lets appear shapes of all kind to give new life to found objects. The music of creation continues.  Iceland is a part of the vast North-Atlantic-Ridge and the only place in the world where an ocean ridge ascends above sea level. It also give birth to natural wonders. My journey to Iceland has inspired my artwork in many ways and all of you who have travelled the world do understand “It took my breath away”.

Q3 - What is your favourite part of making art?
While creating art there is a time I’m totally absorbed, I stop thinking, It takes me in to the now. If I come out of it I wonder, it feels good. 

Q5 - Who are your favourite artists?
My favourite artists are, to name a few; Pablo Picasso, Henry Matisse, Etienne Jules Marey……

Amber Moon

Q1- Tell us about yourself.
 I am originally from Sydney but have lived in Kuranda for 10 years.  I am the mother of 2 beautiful children and I run my own gallery and sell my art in the Original Markets.

Q2 - Please describe the art you have in the exhibition.
I have two acrylic painting portraits on canvas both 60x90cm and I have one dry watercolour drawing on matt board.

Q3 - What inspired you when creating it?
The inspiration for all of my art comes from my complete love of and fascination with people and contrasts to culture. And my devotion to Mother Nature and the natural world

Q4 - What is your favourite part of making art?
Making art ;)

Q5 - Who are your favourite artists?
I'm constantly inspired by other artists and have too many favourites to list.

To find out more about the art in the exhibition, you can view the exhibition page on our website here.  'Kuranda' ran from Feb 22 - March 07, 2014 at 109 Lake Street, Cairns. As always, Cell Art Space is open 24/7 and is still accessible to pedestrians during the City Place upgrade. Closest parking is behind Canopy off Grafton Street. 

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