Thursday, 28 November 2013

Q5 with David Goebel

This month our exhibition has been broght to us by The Pop Up Collective who are curating an International Men's Day themed exhibition called I am Man (official website here). We're delighted to have such a diverse variety of styles of art from the 4 artists in the exhibiton and will be posting a Q5 for each of them. Our last artist is David Goebel.   Read about his art and inspiration below.

Q1: Tell us about yourself as an artist?

I like to create art works based on observed reality whilst also attempting to express my own sub-unconscious response.

Q2: Please describe the art you have in the exhibition?

My work is a 120 x 150cm piece which is mixture of different traditional medias such as oil, ink and spray paint on canvas. It depicts multiple drawings of a single individual which are largely superimposed over the top of each other.

Q3: What inspired you when creating it?

I am interested in Feminist Art; particularly in the concept of the male gaze and though painting and drawing I wish explore it's possibilities and implications which are very wide ranging for art made by men. Male body image is an aspect of that.

Q4: What is your favourite part of making art?

I simply love the processes of painting and drawing and that it is all so an opportunity to express concepts and add to the dialogue your society is conducting.

Q5 Who are your favourite artists?

A. My work is quite influenced by Ukiyo-e prints from the Edo shogunate period and Sumi-e ink painting is another Japanese influence. I love the paintings and drawings of the early and high Italian renaissance particularly Botticelli and extraordinary draftsmanship of Michelangelo and da Vinci. The three individual artists which most influence me is Gustave Klimt, Paul Gauguin and most of all Donald Friend. However Picasso and Matisse are important to me not because of style but because they were relentless, powerful artists who used any method at their disposal and allowed no consideration get in the road of creating their imagery the results are works that have an extraordinary physical presence.

'I am Man' runs from November 2 - 30, 2013 at 109 Lake Street, Cairns. As always Cell Art Space is open 24/7 and is still accessible to pedestrians during the City Place upgrade. Closest parking is behind Canopy off Grafton Street.  

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