Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ergon Energy presents the 2013 Energy Exhibition

Opens on October 5th - more info at
The quality of the over 140 artworks that we had to choose from was overwhelming.  It took three co-directors all afternoon to narrow down the many beautiful artworks to the 13 listed below.  We are very proud to take part in the 2013 Energy Exhibition and look forward to installing it all on October 5th.  Congratulations to the following students.
Grant Boovsen - Sheltered
Antony Brady -  Technology in Hand
Olive Azzopardi  - Medusozoa
Lilv Wilson -  Colonialism
Cyree Fenton - The Emotionalist
Grace Poole - Power Play
Jesse Thiele - Adventure Time skating
Julien Oronos - Lets Play Hangman
Mandy Hall - Natures Uncontrollable Power
Lara Acuavera - Let it Take Over
Megan Maclean Tuckett - Extinct
Jami Godfrey -  Capio Super Terra: Take Over and Injure the Earth

Featuring Co-Directors Kirstie Irwin and Natalie Whitcher plus many of our winners listed below.


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